Fulvia Steffenone

Starting her culinary education for several years in Turin then continuing with numerous other teachers in the northeast of Italy. Fulvia found her true master in Erbusco training with chef Gualtiero Marchesi in his restaurant located in Albereta-Locanda in Franciacorta.

Later in 1998 Fulvia founded a school of haute cuisine “La Fufi“ frequented daily by many students from all over Italy and abroad (France, Japan, Netherlands). This experience allowed her to develop her unique personal style. Each day she spent searching for unusual or rare ingredients giving free rein of imagination yet still remaining anchored in her own national culture. Italian gastronomic traditions and the enhancement of forgotten techniques became a focus for this creative chef.

Fulvia has written numerous books and articles in professional food journals as well as been promoted by several magazines on cuisine such as Cucina Italiana and A Tavola to mention a couple of the most prestigious.

In 1999 she also hosted a popular television show La Vecchia Fattoria (The Old Farm), produced by Rai Uno.

Alfredo Ferrero

Italian journalist and writer, he also has a degree in veterinary medicine and has spent over 20 years in cultural and scientific divulging.

He is the preliminary wine expert for his wife at the La Fufi culinary school as well as her restaurant in Tucson. Alfredo is responsible for the management, communication and general organization of both businesses.